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Available courses

Deep in Puppet Therapy – Course 3

Duration: 5 days
Max. students: 13
Fee: 890 EUR

Will happen in Prague 11–15 th of July 2024: 890 EUR

In the previous 2 stages, we have learned about the ancient history of Puppets, and their vital roles in entertainment, storytelling, politics, and society.  We have been able to reflect on their application with children and adults as a means of communicating our feelings, illustrating our relationships as well and externalizing our struggles.  Always the puppet helps us to free thoughts and feelings that are difficult to put into direct words.  The puppet does not even have to speak but can move, gesture, make sounds,  and maybe sink into gloom or dance with joy.

World of Puppet Therapy  – Course 2

Duration: 3x 45 minutes Live lesson + 30 min. individual consultation
Max. students: 30
Fee: 150 EUR

You have passed the "Touch of Puppet Therapy" course and you have found out that there is much more to be explored. Continue your expertise and understand more with your life Puppet Therapy experience.

Touch of Puppet Therapy – Course 1

App. Duration: 6 hours
Fee: Free

In the online course, you will pass through several examples of how to use puppets in therapy. You will always have to successfully pass online exams to proceed to the next level. Absolvents of this course will have a chance to apply for live courses.

Build a hand-carved marionette in just a week

The course is suitable for beginners and advanced carvers. In one week you will gain basic knowledge of woodcarving and the technology of building a puppet on thread.

Learn the craft

Compared to the week-long course, you’ll taste everything to the core. In addition to woodcarving techniques, you will learn how to care for your chisels and choose the right wood. The two-week training will make you a carver capable of really understanding the practicalities of this craft.

The basics of carving with your Totem creation

It will bring you to the world of wood hand-carving and straight at the beginning you will taste the most exciting work – carving a head and assembling a totem puppet. During the course, you will learn to unleash your inner creativity into a mass of wood. Totem puppets can be used in our Puppet Therapy courses.