Wood has the gift of soul and loves the human touch. This material accepts our energy and allows itself to be transformed into a form that reflects our will. Wood thus comes to life in the form of a puppet that tells us its story.

Build a hand-carved marionette in just a week

The course is suitable for beginners and advanced carvers. In one week you will gain basic knowledge of woodcarving and the technology of building a puppet on thread.

Learn the craft

Compared to the week-long course, you’ll taste everything to the core. In addition to woodcarving techniques, you will learn how to care for your chisels and choose the right wood. The two-week training will make you a carver capable of really understanding the practicalities of this craft.

The basics of carving with your Totem creation

It will bring you to the world of wood hand-carving and straight at the beginning you will taste the most exciting work – carving a head and assembling a totem puppet. During the course, you will learn to unleash your inner creativity into a mass of wood. Totem puppets can be used in our Puppet Therapy courses.